Answered: College Driver Eligibility Clarification

Appendix F College Challenge, Rule 6 states:

  1. Each Robot is still only allowed up to two (2) operators and one (1) coach.
    a. Drivers MUST be post-secondary school students.
    i. Any student enrolled in a post-secondary school is eligible to be a driver.
    ii. There are no restrictions on who can be a Coach in the VRC College Challenge.
    iii. Professionals not enrolled in post-secondary education are also NOT eligible to be
    a driver. (This is the “College Challenge”).

Referring back to a previous post and reply:
The question was asked:
“Does this mean that high school students taking college courses while still at high school are eligible to drive? And if so, students taking college courses online? (for example”

The reply was:
“Yes, this would be legal.”

Will you please clarify whether the example of given in the question is considered to be a post-secondary school? I understand that is an open-learning enterprise research project (MOOC) offering a sample of courses for the purposes of studying how technology transforms learning. What makes them unique is that there are Harvard and MIT professors tied to the courses, and they grant certificates for successful completion of a course. However, there is no admissions process; anyone with an Internet connection may sign up for a course. Students taking courses are not considered to be college students of Harvard or MIT. Maybe this is the future of higher education, but for this competition, please clarify if participation is sufficient for driver eligibility. Thank you.

The original answer still stands.