Answered: College Elimination and Qualification...

I seem to be having some trouble figuring out just how the college qualification system works…

If I am understanding it correctly, eliminations work just like normal, right? Just with one college team, instead of three high-school teams?

Now, this means that only one college team wins, rather than three. This, in addition to only one person winning the Excellence Award, and no skills challenges leaves us with just two teams from each competition going to the World Championship.

Is this correct? If so, why the limitation on the number of teams that advance?

With the College Challenge still being in its infancy and without a developed network of numerous regional competitions at the current time, we are happy to make registration for the College Challenge World Championship open for the first 30 teams that wish to register. There are no restrictions other than a maximum of two teams from the same school during open registration.

In addition to that, the tournament winner and excellence winner at a College regional event are guaranteed to have spots held for them in the case of the event filling to capacity.

This is the system for this year only. As the College Challenge continues to grow and more organized regional events are scheduled, it will move to more of a pure qualifying structure similar to the middle and high school World Championships.

Just to clarify, if a college team registers for Worlds right now, they can get in without qualifying?

What happens if a college team signs up, the competition fills up, and then someone qualifies? Does the team that didn’t qualify, but already signed up get bumped from the competition?

Just wondering what the possibilities for a couple robotics alumnus are… We just don’t want to give up…


No, we will not bump any teams. Teams who qualify will be guaranteed spots even if the event reaches capacity.

Never give up. :slight_smile: