Answered: College Question...

So yet another question, this one a little more nuts and bolts…

Say you have a motor being used for a given purpose. It is connected to a Y, and the other end of the Y is open. Through mechanical switches, a second motor comes into contact with the second end of the Y intermittently. Does this violate any rules for a college team? (i.e. We are allowed to modify electronics within reason, but open connections?)

Also, (this one’s a long shot, but it’s worth asking) would the game committee consider allowing college teams to move motors between their robots? (i.e. one robot have 10-11 motors, and the other have 13-14 motors. Changing the 12 motor max-per-robot to a 24-max-per-fielded-robots)

This could allow for some unfair advantages, but teams will still have to work around the 10-port max on the brains, as well as the one-Y-per-port regulation. The rationale being that this could allow for some new creativity, while still somewhat regulating the playing field.

Thanks so much!

This would be legal, provided no other rules are violated in the process.

This would not be legal. Each robot the the VRCC may have no more than 12 motors. You cannot move motors between robots in the manner you have described.