Answered: Color Live Feed Camera Question

hey everyone,
for the VEX color camera it says in the description that it operates with a vexred or a vexblue controller. I searched for these on the website and i have found nothing. What are these controllers and can the camera operate with a normal 75MHz controller on the PIC microcontroller v0.5?

VEX Red is old nomenclature for the V.5 Microcontroller. VEX Blue is old nomenclature for the VEXplorer. The 276-2211 Color Camera will operate with the V.5 Microcontroller using the 75 MHz receiver. The camera gets power from the V.5 microcontroller but does not send its signal into the V.5.

so than does it send the live feed from the camera directly to the receiver that comes with the camera that plugs into the tv?
-thank you

Yes, you are correct. The camera data is not sent to the Microcontroller only to the receiver than connects to the TV.

would any of you two like to be my “mentor” for a VEX robot that I am building in a systems engineering course for my school? I have a very well understanding of the VEX systems, but my teachers say I need a mentor in order to pass. I will probably only have small general questions during this process. So if any of you would commit a few minutes of your time over the next year to be my “mentor” it would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

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