Answered: Common Sense Clarification

What would happen if I were to violate <G2> during a competition? Would it follow the same punishments of the other rulings such as <G5>?

Thank you so much for your time :smiley:

  • [TVA]Connor

The intent of <G2> is to provide guidance for referees when making a rules decision that is not explicitly covered by the Game Manual. For example, <G6> states that “During a Match, the Drive Team Members must remain in their Alliance Station”. If a team member has a medical emergency during a match and needs to be removed from their Alliance Station, common sense would dictate that this is an extreme circumstance that did not gain them an advantage in the match, and they should not be penalized.

If you wanted to walk around with your shoelaces untied, <G2> does not give a referee the latitude to penalize you for that bad “common sense” decision.