Answered: Comp. Swich/program problems

My team was at a competition at Wane State and our robot wasn’t working like it had for the past month. In the middle of a match the right side of our drive base would cut out but the rest of the robot would work perfictily fine. We also put all new motors on the base the week before and haven’t pushed anything hevy since we changed the motors. We know that the problem wasn’t the motors over heating since they would be off half the match then we would drive the bot back to the pits and it didn’t stop at all. The team thougth it might be the power expander that is running the drive base but why only half and why only when pluged into the feild/switch.
At the skills challange we used our comp. switchbord(the thing judges use to test the programing section) to run driver and in the middle of the match the right side of the base cut out then when we pulled the cord out it worked perficaly fine.
I find this so frustrating since we made it to the finals but lost by 2 points because all we could do was drive in circles.
We have 2 more comps. left and I was hopeing that you could help us find out how to solve the problem so we have a shot. We don’t have another meeting til Friday so any solutions I can get I can report back if they work after Friday.


If your robot fails to run motors only while connected to a VEXnet Competition Switch or Field hardware, it sounds like there is an issue with your code.

Whats the status of the LEDs on the Cortex & Power Expander when the robot fails?
Can you duplicate the issue while driving inside the field, but without connecting the Joystick to the field hardware?

Also I would not recommend you to connect all of your drive/ base motors to the Power Expander, as this can trip your circuit breaker.
Its better if you connect half of the drive motors on the Cortex and the other half on the Power Expander.


I’ll have to check the status. One of the collage students at MSU looked through our code and said there was nothing wrong. And when we did our skills once we unpluged the comp. switch we were able to back out of the feild.

We did a little more reserch and found out that it was the breaker triping. Thankyou SOOOO much for the solution.:smiley:

Yup, always spread your motor load evenly through the Cortex and Power Expander.