Answered: Competition Connection Issues

At the Mount Michael tournament this weekend there were tons of connection issues on select robots. The autonomous would run fine and the match would start fine and then mid match the robot would lose connection. This lost us the semifinals and plagued our robot and a few other robots throughout the tournament. The controller would show all green before the match and then would drop out mid match. Is there any possible solution to this problem? I know it’s hard with to diagnose with out seeing it. I have 2 videos of the incident occurring but it is only of the bot of that would help.

Are you able to duplicate the issue while driving the robot outside of the field?
What was the status of your VEXnet LED when the connection was lost?
Did you have a back-up battery on the robot?

Also feel free to contact VEX directly for more troubleshooting:


Now that I think about it, it did happen once out side of the field but the main part of it was on field.

I don’t recall the exact order of the lights but I know for sure that the first one was green, then I think off, then either off or flashing red, and then I’m pretty sure orange.

The back up battery was on the bot, plugged in, and brand new out of package.

Thank you for your assistance.

To any vex employees following this, our easyC hadn’t been updated since last year and it was still version 2.54 or something and after updating to version 3.17 we did not experience any more problems. I just thought I’d let you know because I know a few teams have been having problems.

Thanks for the update.
I’m glad your system is now working.