Answered: Competition legal programming software

Hello, I would like to know if using programs like MPLab or SDCC, specifically for the Asia Pacific competition held in Taipei this November, is competition legal? If not, is there any fully free programming software(Not trial, would run out eventually :() you could suggest? Thanks :slight_smile:

I know this is double posting, but i cant find the edit button XD.
Another question:
Are these rubber bands legal for use in VEX competitions or must i purchase them from VEX?

The three officially supported programming languages are easyC, MPLab and RobotC. To pass inspection, your robot must be able pass the “Field Control Check” described in Appendix D - Inspection Guidelines, regardless of which programming option you choose.

Please take a look at this prior Q&A entry which answers this question in detail.

The rubber bands in your photo do not look identical to those which are a part of the VEX Robotics Design System, thus they would not be legal for use on your VEX Gateway Robot. You may only use the robots provided by VEX or identical replacements.