Answered: Competition Question About Descoring

NOTE: this is to help us and other people in the future to make decisions accordingly.
This has happened during a semi-finals in a previous competition. For the second match of semis, whilist my robot half way intaking a mobile goal(or partly above he ground)that contains one cone, the opposing robot lately pushed our robot with the intention of defending us from intaking the mobile goal. While turning when they were defending us, their mobile goal manipulator clipped the cone resulting in the cone being descored. In regards to <G12>, where it states that defensive strategies of one team against the other team will err on the offensive robot, I am questioning if that action will be a disqualification or a warning. I can see both ends be legitimate, because that move wasn’t match affecting either, but if the opposing robot hadn’t used defense, there wouldn’t be a descore.

This sounds like a violation of <SG5>, regardless of offensive/defensive interactions.

As stated in the rule, if the violation was Match Affecting, then it is called as a Disqualification. If it was not, then it would have warranted a warning.