Answered: conflict between training video and rules

I searched the forums and did not find this issue or clarification. (note a person linked an official clarification on scoring a mobile goal on its side since I posted this, but that is not really the question)
The training video Episode 6 - scoring at 4:26 states that the mobile goals cannot be horizontal or their sides to be scored. I am not talking about leaning, but no cones completely on its side in any scoring zone. In our case a students drops a mobile goal in the 20 and it is completely on its side. The rim and top of the cone are on the floor in the 20. It is inferred in the video that it is talking about scoring the cones, but the way it is worded can be taken another way. I went to the rules and see that it does meet it, but the wording in the training video conflicts with that. I even showed it to another person who has refereed before and they said the wording will cause problems just from the video. I am not arguing the rules, but can this be clarified?
Thank you

Mobile Goal orientation only matters when determining Stacked Cones, not Scored Mobile Goals. The video clip to which you are referring, which depicts a knocked over Mobile Goal with Cones on it, occurs during the section titled “Stacking Cones on Goals”. It is explicitly stated, not just inferred, that this example is referring to Stacked Cones.

Please also see the following Q&A post, which answers your question directly:

In the event of a discrepancy between the referee training videos and the Q&A, the Q&A will always be the official source for the “correct” ruling. We apologize for any confusion that the description given in the video may have caused.