Answered: confused questions about college rules

Dear Karthik,

We are comfused about some questions of the college rules, the first is that in automatic stage, the college team also can manual the machine at the start area? The second is when the ball or barrel is above the PVC pipes of both sides of two isolation area, it means it isnt above or not fully above the top of the PVC pipes,but between the two isolation areas PVC pipes,and above them, the is it scored?


Hi Betty, I’m having a hard time understanding what you’re trying to ask here. Could you try rephrasing your question?

From what you’ve said, it seems like you’re trying to describe a situation where a Scoring Object is caught between the two Isolation Zone goals which are adjacent to each other. In this situation, the Scoring Object counts for neither goal.

Thank you, Karthik, I`m so sorry, but what my first question is if the college team also can handle the robot?

No need to apologize. Yes, the same handling rules apply.

thank you ,Karthik, there is another question is can the robot in the interact area climb over the PVC pipe line between the interact area and isolation area , and get into the isloation?

Let’s see the applicable rule in the VEX Gateway Game Manual:

Since the Gates are always down in the college game, any robot which exits or enters an Isolation Zone would be in violation of <SG14>

thank you,Karthik,and there are three more questions,

the firist
<SG5> During the Autonomous Period, Drivers and Coaches may handle their own Robot while the
Robot is in contact with their own Alliance Starting Tile. During contact with the Robot, the Drivers or
Coaches may not intentionally manipulate or modify the position of any Scoring Objects (aside from any
which are being loaded into the Robot), either by direct hand contact or indirect contact via the Robot.
Drivers or Coaches also may not change the configuration of the Robot other than in the act of fixing the
Robot (i.e. it is okay to reposition the robot relative to the field, but it is not okay to manually lift up the
Robot’s arm).
The intent of this rule is to allow teams to fix Robots that are unable to move, to load Match Loads into
the Robot, to reposition and/or reorient Robots, and to activate additional autonomous modes by
interacting with the Robot via sensors or buttons.
The intent of this rule is not to allow teams to manipulate their Robot in such a way that they are
controlling the Robot via human contact or creating motions that lead to scoring.
Violations of this rule will result in warning for the first offense. Subsequent offenses or an egregious first
offense will result in a Disqualification.
<SG6> During the Driver Controlled Period, Drivers

from the rule,we are confused about when the robot have balls or barrels in it, and it get to our own Alliance Starting Tile ,is it legal to change the position of balls or barrels of the robot by the driver`s hands?

The second is it legal when the robot needs the power of hands to less the Side of the largest?

No, this is not legal. You may not interact with any Scoring Objects aside from the ones you are introducing.

I’m not quite understanding this question, could you please try to rephrase it?