Answered: Confusion over Two Rulings

@reflxshn If while moving one or more goals if any part of the mobile goal leaves the mat, does this become illegal?

@VEX GDC Yes, since this doesn’t usually occur when “pushing” or “plowing”, this can be used as a reasonable test to determine if a robot is “grasping” a Mobile Goal and therefore in violation of SG6.

@[TVA]Delta_III Would it be considered legal to intentionally tip the opposing mobile goals on their side via pushing the tops of them?

@VEX GDC There are no rules preventing this, thus it would be legal.

Aren’t these contradictory, as you cannot tip a mobile goal without making part of it leave the mat?

You are correct - thank you for pointing this out. The answer to reflxshn’s question was incorrect.

It IS possible for part of a Mobile Goal to leave the surface of the playing field through legal pushing or plowing, such as the tipping question posed by [TVA]Delta_III. However, if the ENTIRE Mobile Goal leaves the surface of the playing field, this is a good indication that a robot has “grasped” the Mobile Goal.

We will update the original answer to reflect this correction, and sincerely apologize for any confusion that this may have caused.