Answered: Connecting Multiple Microcontrollers

I’ve read through the threads related to connecting multiple microcontrollers. I’m glad to see that you can connect microcontrollers, however the method of connecting them through the serial port (which is most often recommended) is above my level of skill. I did see a post by “ElectronJohn” from 9/14/2006 in which he states that the controllers can be connected through the input/output ports. (You may want to read his post.) I believe that the setup that ElectronJohn recommends would work for my application since I just need to send a 1 or 0 to the master controller, and logically ElectronJohn’s method should work. Do you agree with ElectronJohn’s idea, and what concerns do you have about it?

If you believe that his method will work, please answer the following question: In order to connect the two microcontroller in this way, I’ll need a connection with two male plugs. This should not be a problem since I can purchase a connector that will plug into the female end of an extension cable and provide a male end for plugging into the controller. The question is this, if I connect controllers directly in this way, do I need to clip one/any of the pins from the connecting cable to avoid damaging either microcontroller? If yes, which pin (associated with which color wire) should be clipped?


You should not connect the center Red wire from Controller to Controller.