Answered: Connection error

When trying to connect to the Vex device, we get this error:

Failed to get Vex System Info
(trying to get info with the cable unplugged)

We are using Easy C V4. We installed the VEXnet Serial USB Driver and Windows 7 recognizes the device and assigns it a com port when we plug it in.

In the Options/Download settings, the automatic option recognizes the device on the right com port. We also tried it on manual. But we always get the same error that indicates it thinks the device is not connected when we try to download a program, open the terminal or open the GUI.

Any ideas?



See if you can force a Master Code download into your Microcontroller.
For this you will need the IFI VEXnet Firmware Upgrade, located on the easyC V4 folder under the “All Programs” tab.

Instruction on how to use the IFI VEXnet Firmware Upgrade are found on the “Contents” section under the “Help” tab on easyC V4.

Doc2.pdf (188 KB)