Answered: Contact and blocking during autonomous

So… My teammates and I have searched for the answer to this question both on here and in the manual and can’t seem to find the exact answer we are looking for. We do not mean to inconvenience anyone with the location or existence of this post so if we do, we apologize. That being said, it would be awesome to have an official rule regarding our question so here it goes.

In our autonomous, we want to go to the goal on our opponents starting side with several Bucky balls and score them and then remain in front of the goal until autonomous ends. We wanted to ask a few questions about this though.
What we were wondering is:

  1. Can we contact other robots during autonomous? I know of the 5 second rule during a standard match but I am not sure about autonomous. I figured there may be some contact if we are driving to that goal while the other team is too.
  2. Can we block other robots during autonomous? Most likely, we will be blocking the other robot from scoring their preload into “their” goal. Is this OK?
  3. Can we even put Bucky balls in the other goal? This seems silly but I personally have never seen this happen and simply want to make sure it is legal before I spend hours writing and fixing the code.

Thank you for any help that you can give us. We apologize again if we missed the answer to these questions elsewhere. Enjoy your week!

There are no specific rules preventing a Robot from contact it’s opponent during the Autonomous Period. Also, the pinning rule, <SG3>, does not apply during the Autonomous Period. This rule is quoted below for your convenience.

Provided no other rules are violated in the process, this is a legal strategy.

Provided no other rules are violated in the process, this is a legal strategy.

Ok awesome. Thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!

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