Answered: Contact Defence - Exactly What Is Legal?

We all know that the game Round Up is different than Clean Sweep in that both alliances occupy the same playing surface. Of course we will see more ramming and tipping this year but I was wondering exactly what is legal.

Would it be legal for a team to implement a strategy where, throughout the entire driver control period of the match, they did nothing but follow one of the opposing alliances’ robots around and continually ram and shove it in an effort to prevent scoring. Would this be legal? Lets assume that they did not intentionally entangle with any other robots (though an unintentional entanglement would likely occur when implementing this strategy). Also, pinning would occur but not for more than 5 seconds.

I’m not saying that this is a good strategy, after all you would always be fighting a losing battle, rather I am interested to see if this, or any part of this strategy is legal.

Provide that no other rules were violated, this would be a legal strategy.

However, teams should always be mindful of rule <G11>

Teams are responsible for the actions of their robots. If a team continually rams another robot and becomes entangled with it, there’s a reasonable chance that a referee may rule this to be intentional entanglement.

Bottom line: If you spend the entire match harassing another robot you will come under constant scrutiny in regards to rule <G11>.