Answered: Contradiction between <SG3> and the corresponding referee training video

This is the pinning rule, which is identical in both the Sack Attack and Toss Up game manuals:

This is the related segment of the (Sack Attack) referee training video: (from the linked time to 4:48).

The manual says that pinning a robot within 5 seconds of ending a pin on that robot results in a DQ. The video says that pinning a robot within 5 seconds of ending a pin on that robot results in the count being resumed. This is a significant difference.

We have been enforcing the rules the way they are enforced in the video, since we believe that that is what you, JVN and the GDC intend. However, there is an expectation that once teams have read the manual and the Q+A they know the rules, and I think requiring them to watch the referee training videos as well in order to fully understand <SG3> is asking a bit too much. Could this contradiction be resolved somehow?

And on the subject of referee training videos, since they’re such a helpful resource: are there any plans to do a referee training video on possession? It looks like it is going to be one of the more difficult rules to enforce this year, in particular with regard to what constitutes “accidental” herding or “egregious” herding or trapping, and some guidance would be much appreciated.

(<SG3> also has a typo: “once the Pinning team has moved away from the teams are separated by at least 2 feet”)

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Your interpretation and what was mentioned in last year’s Referee Training Videos is correct. As such, we have updated the VEX Toss Up Manual (05/31 edition)to make things more clear. Here is the updated rule: (I’ve bolded some text for emphasis)

Yes, there will definitely be a Referee Training Video on Possession.