Answered: Contradiction between Zone Diagram and Goal Zone definition

Hi Karthik,

Recently while rereading the Toss Up manual I found a discrepancy between the definition of Goal Zone and what is shown in the Diagram (Figure 4).

The definition states:

I have bolded the appropriate part. This is also stated in the referee training video on scoring (1:08).

However, in Figure 4 The green area representing the Goal Zone is continued into the centre of the barrier.

As a referee in my region, I have had students complain about scoring because they’re going off the diagram rather than what’s stated in the definition. I was just wondering if you were able to update the Game Manual with a new picture that would better reflect what is stated by the definition. This will hopefully prevent confusion on this topic in the future.


Thanks for pointing this out. The wording in the manual takes precedence, and it also matches what is shown in Appendix A. Also teams should always pay careful attention to the following note in the Manual.