Answered: Cortex and New Motors

Why did Vex just release two new types of motors (393 and 269) which are both 2-wire but release a new micro controller (Cortex) that only has two 2-wire motor ports?

Is the Cortex controller just part of a transition from 3-wire to 2-wire?

Are we going to see all 2-wire motors and motor ports anytime soon? (i.e. Is there going to be another microcontroller that has all 2-wire motor ports?)

I am just wondering because if we buy 6 new motor 269s and the new Cortex along with our 4 recently purchased high strength motor 393s, we will need to have 8 motor controller 29s. It seems like a lot of money to get new stuff just to have to convert to old ports.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The 2 wire motors were released to keep costs from increasing – it was less expensive to have the Motor Controller external to the motor. The 269 Motor with the Motor Controller is the same price as the previous 3-Wire Motor – no cost increase. Since the Motor Controller will be required, the 3 pin motor ports will not be changing.

Oh okay. I wasn’t entirely understanding the motor controller/motor combination. Thanks for clearing that up.