Answered: Cortex controller

Is there default or firmware we need to download to the new cortex controller? and if so where do we find it. The new cortex also uses AA’s instead of the 9.2V rechargeable, I take it these AA’s will last quite a while?

**No, the CORTEX should come with Default Code already loaded. The CORTEX can use the same rechargeable battery as the PIC Controller which is a 7.2V Battery. To get max run time from the CORTEX, you should use the 3000 mAh Rechargeable Battery 276-1491. **

Our team got batteries put into the controller. We then tethered the controller and cortex together. After powering up the cortex, red lights stayed on in all of the light positions. The vexnet light never changed to green in the one minute time frame. We turned off the cortex and pluged in the wireless adapters to the controller and cortex. When connected wirelessly the vexnight light on the controller flashed a fast yellow, and the vexnet on the cortex was red. How do we get the controller and the cortex to communicate? Help please?

Try using the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility Tool on both the Joystick and the CORTEX.