Answered: Cortex order of sensors.

Today we moved from our v.5 controller to a brand new cortex controller, using RobotC (2.3).

We installed three quad encoders inthe first 6 digital ports, using the sensor setup in robotC.

The first and third work fine and give back expected readings in the debug window.
The second (ports 3,4) does not seem to work. It only gives back readings of 0,1,-1.

Is there a prticular order for sensors for the cortex? Can you give us any suggestions?

We tried changing the encoder and it made no difference, changing the wires around made no difference also.


**Ok- from what you have a reported; you may have a problem with your Code, Encoders, or your Digital Ports; so here are some things to check:

  1. Try all the Encoders in the first position which you describe as working properly – this should verify if you have a problem with the Encoders.
  2. Try something different on the Digital Ports. Can you read a High and a Low from a switch or turn an LED On and OFF - this should verify if you have a problem with the Digital Ports.
    If the about works, you most likely have a problem with your Users Code or the placement of the sensors. Try Commenting Out sections of code so that you only have 1 sensor in your code at 1 time. Does each sensor work when you are only using 1 sensor at a time? Try moving the location of your sensors – may be 1 sensor is causing interference with another sensor.

You may try posting any new questions in the ROBOTC Section on the Forum or where the VEX Community can help as they may already have done something close to want you are trying to do. **