Answered: Cortex problems

I was testing my robot on our practice field earlier, when all of a sudden the drive motors stopped working. After a little bit of testing I discovered that motor ports 1-5 on the cortex brain were not working at all. Any ideas about what is going on? and is there any way to fix the problem? thanks in advance

There is an internal resettable breaker for motor ports 1-5 and another one for ports 6-10. The breaker automatically resets after about 10 sec after you stop trying to drive the motors. If they are still not working after they cool down, you have a problem internal to the Cortex or a problem with your code. Try using Default Code to rule out any codes issues – if it works with Default Code but not with your User Code, you have a code issue. If the breaker was the cause, it will trip again quickly under a heavy load even once they start working after the 10 sec cool down because they will still be very hot inside. If your breaker is what tripped, try reducing the load on the motors with gearing or by adding motors to help share the work load.

The cortex never reset. and it can’t be a programming problem because it was running just fine before. We were practicing with it, took it off the field to refill our pneumatics, and when we put it back on the field it wouldn’t move. I later tested it by plugging in just one motor with no load on it and the motor still wouldn’t turn

You cannot tell when an internal breaker has tripped other than all those Motor Ports do not work – this is not the same as the Cortex resetting. If you have tested it with good Code and a good Battery (Robot LED is Green), then you have an internal problem with the Cortex. You will need to call our Tech Support (903-453-0802) to obtain a RMA Number to return the unit for repair if you want too.