Answered: Cortex Question

Our team has been using a beta release cortex given to us by QCC (a local collage team) it was the original one given to them to test about 2 years ago (during clean sweep i think) at a local event one of our friends mentors pointed out to us how old our cortex was and maybe we should consider upgrading.
we were wondering what has changed in the cortex and would buying a newer one help with connectivity problems or sensor accuracy?

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Most likely the only thing that needs to be upgraded in your Cortex is the BootLoad version.
Do you know what BootLoad version you have?
Do you know what “REV#” you have?

A new Cortex will definitely perform better that the one you have right now; however, if buying a new unit is out of your budget then upgrading the old one would be your best option.


Eli, thank you for your quick response, we will order a new cortex tomorrow we just wanted to know if it would make a difference, i will also find out the BootLoad version and “REV#” we have tomorrow as well maybe we can upgrade it and use the old one as a back up. Thanks Again Eli!


Yup, it would be a good idea to keep that Cortex as a back-up unit.