Answered: Cube on goal mouth supported by another cube


At at pre-regional scrimmage our team landed up with a goal partially over the mouth of the lowest triangle goal. Most of the cube was resting on another of our cubes outside the goal.

The judge disallowed it on the grounds that if the outside cube was not there the cube would have fallen off the goal.

The placing of the supporting cube was from a failed previous attempt at the goal. It was not a deliberate strategy to build a support base for the other cube.

Should the on top of the goal cube and ownership of the goal have being allowed?


From the VEX Robotics Competition Elevation Manual, Section 2 - The Game we can see that definition of “Scored” is as follows.

There is no mention in this definition of the word “supported”. If a cube fulfills the requirements of this definition (1. Some part of it is within the goal boundaries, 2. Not being touched by a robot of the same color) then the cube is considered scored. It does not matter what else is going on with the cube, and does not matter if this was a deliberate strategy or not. These are the ONLY requirements which determine whether a cube is scored.

If a referee makes a ruling you feel to be incorrect, it is your responsibility to challenge this ruling and present supporting evidence from the OFFICIAL game rules (the game manual and Q&A responses). Ultimately though the referees have final ruling.