Answered: Cube Scoring on Skyrise

According to SG9 I cant place red cubes on a blue tile. Could I be able to score red cubes on the blue tile skyrise? F) says that it cant touch the tile nor any scoring object contacting the tile, but if the cube to be scored were the third on the skyrise, would it be legal? I wouldnt be touching a cube touching a tile or the tile itself.

No, this is not legal. This would be considered interfering in the Building of a Skyrise and would be in violation of <SG9>.

Would it change if I (red) score blue cubes on my skyrise (red)?

No, this would be a violation of <SG13>. You may not deposit your opponents Cubes on or in your own protected tiles. Scoring your opponents Cubes on your Skryise would be considered a violation of this rule.

Thanks for everything:D

You’re welcome!

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