Answered: Cubes on Skyrise Bases

Hi Karthik,

In a couple of recent Q+As, you have stated that a cube placed on a Skyrise base which doesn’t have any Skyrise sections built on it doesn’t count as scored.

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I understand that a cube placed on an empty Skyrise base is not counted as being scored on the Skyrise (for 4pts), but at our recent scrimmages we have been counting these cubes as scored in the team’s floor goal (for 1pt) - obviously only when the cube in question is touching the coloured tile.

I would just like to check whether we are scoring this correctly, and (hopefully) set up a question which makes it clear how this situation should be handled.


Yes, you are scoring this correctly. Cubes on an empty Skyrise base do not qualify as Scored under clause 3, however they do qualify as being Scored under clause 1. Thus, they do count for 1 point as being Scored in a Floor Goal.