Answered: Cubes

This is in regard to when the cubes will be available, but, I was wondering if there was a way to get only the competition cubes? I don’t really wanna pay $79, but I would like to work with the competition cubes.

Thank you.

There are (3) ways currently to obtain the competition cubes.

*]Every team which registers on for the VEX Robotics Competition will receive a Team Welcome Kit. This welcome kit comes with (2) 3"x3" cubes. (for more information on this kit, refer to this thread:
*]The VEX Elevation Practice Kit includes (10) Red Cubes and (10) Blue Cubes. It is available for $79.99 on this page: and also includes other field elements a team may use to practice and prototype for Elevation.
*]The VEX Elevation Competition Kit includes a full field’s worth of field elements and game objects. It is available for purchase on this page [
You need to decide which (if any) of these options provides the best value to your team. There are no plans to sell the cubes individually. We recommend teams purchase either the Practice Kit or the Competition Kit.]( for $399.99.)