Answered: Cutting pieces from plastic similar to existent VEX pieces

My question has to do with cutting polycarbonates.

<R7f> states

However <R7b> states

My question comes from a a possible mis-inference of <R7b>. Must all parts cut from polycarbonate sheets be different from VEX parts? Is it allowed to cut polycarbonate into shapes that resemble VEX parts.

In specific context, I want to cut polycarbonate into the shape of a cam. The VEX advanced motion kit includes a cam, however I would like to cut one of greater size that VEX does not sell.

Is this legal to do, as long as I keep it within the legal dimensions of 12" x 24" and a depth less than .07" thick?

Or is it illegal regardless?

This is a legal and typical use of polycarbonate. <R7f> is an additional allowance of materials beyond that of <R7b>. There is no restriction that non shattering plastics be limited in shape to that of existing VEX EDR parts.

Okay. Thank you for your response.

You are welcome!