Answered: Daily Robot Transportation/Storage at Worlds

What are the recommendations for robot storage and/or transportation on a daily basis during the competition? Should everyone take their robots to their hotel each night? How will that work for all these teams loading the shuttles carrying their robots, etc? Looking for suggestions and/or ideas. Thanks.

The event venue is secured at night, and there will be security onsite, HOWEVER, the REC Foundation, VEX Robotics, and Disney all encourage you not to leave valuables in your pits when you aren’t there, and explicitly say that anything you leave in the building when you aren’t there is left there at your own risk. This absolutely applies to small, valuable items like computers and cameras. You need to decide yourself if you want to leave your robot in the pits or not.

We expect that some teams will carry their robots back and forth to the venue. I would suggest that you not plan to carry large crates on the shuttle bus, but you should be able to carry anything that fits on your lap (like the average VEX robot).