Answered: Dallas Championship, then what?

Hey there,
after the Dallas championship. Is there a 1/2 month break then the next game released? And is the game being released in some countries before others. As i have heard romours that the game is being released early in New Zealand just for testing. By the way, other then tropies do the first place winners, programming skill and driver skill robots get anything else?

Due to the growing popularity of VEX in foreign countries, we feel it is very important that each new VEX Robotics Competition game is released globally at one time. No individual country or group will be used as a test group or will get a head start on any new game. Therefore, the New Zealand rumor is false. As a side note, we are pleased that the VEX organizing committee in New Zealand is committed to introducing VEX into every high school in the country. Regarding awards other than the trophies, the prizes awarded are at the discretion of each VEX tournament organizer and we’re unsure if any tournaments have sweetened the pot.