Answered: Damaging Opponent With Scoring Object

At the most recent competition I attended, after two of the matches that I had done particularly well in, I received warnings from the referee’s telling me that because my robot had “more control” than others at the competition, I must be more careful where I threw the cubes. They told me that one of the teams I had been up against had complained saying that I had “intentionally” broke their arm by throwing a cube at their robot. Note that they were sitting in the far zone and I in no way directly contacted their robot. The refs gave me a warning and said that if two more instances occurred, they could disqualify me. I believe the rule that they were referring to was,

Although I do understand that a team might not be too happy if their robot was damaged and was disable for that match, I would like clarification on these rules and what they entitle.

  1. Was the situation above handled correctly?
  2. Are robots responsible for objects they throw over the fence?
  3. Is a team at fault if they break another robot with a scoring object without direct contact?
  4. Does intention play any role in this matter and if so, is intentional blocking robots with game objects allowed?
  5. Because, in this case, the robot in question was actually on the offensive, would the judgment err on their side?


We’re unable to issue a blanket ruling based without seeing the entire incident, however in general we do not expect teams to be penalized for simply Scoring Stars and Cubes,

Well, yes. However please see the comment above.

In almost all circumstances, teams should not be penalized if a Robot is damaged by a falling Scoring object.

  1. Intent is always a factor. However, please see the previous responses above.
  1. This isn’t particularly relevant, since there really isn’t a rules violation on display here.

Teams and referees should be very aware of this specific line from <G12>

Robots should expect Scoring Objects to be thrown onto their side of the Fence, and should be designed to handle this type of interaction. In general Robots should not be penalized for any damage that occurs in the process of Scoring.