Answered: De-scoring Cubes Question

I was refereeing a match this past weekend and a situation occurred that I was unsure on how to rule. A red alliance robot went to de-score a blue cube perched on top of one of the medium high posts. The cube was in a position in which it was legal to de-score. However, in the process of de-scoring the cube, the robot lift experience some high amount of deflection, which caused the cube to fall down the post to a point where it was totally below the top of the post (now in a position which would be illegal to de-score) but still totally supported by the red alliance robot, which then proceeded to follow thru with the de-score action successfully. Since I could not find anything specific about this and it was not briefed in any drivers meeting, as well as it was not match affecting, I did not DQ the team. For this particular situation, should this be a DQ or is it still considered legal because the robot doing the de-scoring initiated the action when the cube was perched in a position for a legal de-score? Thanks.

This is illegal as per <SG9>, however, since it was not match affecting, it would only warrant a warning.