Answered: de-scoring methods

I know that this game is a very easy one to score in and the point of the game is to keep the balls on your opponents side of the field, but my team and i have tried to come up with a defensive possibility. Now a method to both score and de-score would b to put balls on the opposing side( your scoring zone). Is the possibility of throwing balls out of the field going to count against us because that is also a easy way to descore in the late game when teams are holding everything everything untill the end(which will probably happen alot) but if teams dump out of the field there will be nothing to score with. i think that this is going to make a difference in the game methods and that maybe there should be a rule change so that teams cannot throw balls out of the field on purpose.:confused::confused:

The intentional removal of balls from the playing field by *robots *is a legal strategy. Balls which have been removed from the field do not count as being scored for either alliance.

so even if both alliances get rid of all the balls out of the field and there is nothing to play/score with the game shall continue and the match shall result in a tie? This doesn’t seem fair. Yes its true that this method has been part of the competition for a long time but the method of removing balls from the field prevents scoring for both teams and doesn’t seem fair to any team if their focus is to score only through the slots and another team (opponent) is removing everything from the field. the rules should be changed so that teams cannot remove on purpose it stops both alliances from scoring and every match will result in a tie this way so there will never be a true winner

Thanks for the feedback. The rules will remain as written.

I think you should spend more time brainstorming how matches will play out, perhaps run through a few “fake” matches using students pretending to be robots.

*]If you throw a medium ball outside the field, you have subtracted 5 points from your opponents score.
*]If you throw a medium ball onto your opponents side of the field, you have subtracted 5 points from your opponents score, and added 5 points to your score.

yes i understand that it would be just as easy to score for your self as it would be to de-score form your opponent but what about the late game where every one is trying to get rid of their opponents score and the easiest way to do that is if you are up against the back wall would be to dump out of the field and away from the game. I understand that this method has been used for all games but that was when you were in direct combat with an opponent where you could be right up against their robot and worry about keeping the game pieces, here there is no contact with the opponent at all and there is no real concern on keeping the game pieces in the field