Answered: Defining "student" and "adult"

The terms “student” and “adult” are both used in the Elevation rules. What constitutes each of these categories?


Student - Anyone enrolled in a pre-college school.

Adult - Anyone not fulfilling the definition of “student”.

Not to get into FRC-like rules nitpicking, but may I assume that the following constitute “students”?:

  • A home-schooler who is 18 or younger. (Using 18 since many “traditional” high school students turn 18 before graduation.)

  • A college student in a “running start” or similar program, who would otherwise be in high school, and has not yet completed high school. Perhaps 18 or younger?

We have examples of both of these in our club. Thanks! (And I really am not just coming up with legalistic questions, honest.)

These are both within the spirit of the above definitions. I think they’re both within the wording too! :wink: