Answered: Definition of at rest as per G9

In rule G9 it states;

<G9> Scores will be calculated for all Matches immediately after the Match once all objects on the field
come to rest.

which has also been stated to be applied to at the end of the autonoumous period as well.

One of the teams at my school was curious if this meant that no commands could be running on the robot. Meaning that if they had a command to run a set of motors constantly to stop the robot from dropping a big ball at the end of autonomous and the driver controll period after they hang. Would it be legal for this command to continue after the end of the match/autonomous, or would this be counted as not all objects being at rest and therfore the hang, and big ball would not be counted?

For a more direct question, can commands to the motors to continue them running, continue after the end of a match/autonomous while the scorers are calculating, if the originate from the brain not the remote? Or would this be illegal?

The field disables Robots between the Autonomous Period and Driver Controlled Period, and at the end of the Match. You will not pass inspection if your Robot somehow has the ability to operate during these periods of disablement.

Thank you Karthik!

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You’re welcome.

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