Answered: Definition of "Interaction"

What constitutes “interacting” with a gate? Is reaching over a gate “interacting” with the gate (for purpose of dumping scoring objects over the gate or scoring them)? Is interacting equivalent to touching? If I am touching the gate while dumping scoring objects over the gate, does this constitute interacting? Is “squaring” to a gate (to correct for error in auton, or to score on the 30" high goal, etc.) interacting?

Another question: what about in autonomous? If my auton malfunctions and runs into the gate for >5 sec, is this grounds for a DQ?


Any sort of action which could interfere with the raising of the Gate is considered interacting. So, reaching over the Gate would be considered interaction and fall under the jurisdiction of <SG12> of the VEX Gateway Game Manual.

Yes, these would all be forms of interaction.

Yes. Teams must not interact with the Gate for more than 5 seconds, to ensure that teams always have the opportunity lift the *Gate *in a manner which safe all participants.

Ok, another question about interaction… (prompted from a strategy thread)
If the robot reaches over the gate in such a way that the gate could still be raised (i.e. very high over the gate), is it still interaction?