Answered: Definition of Scored Follow Up Question

You mentioned in this post,, that referees will “evaluate all Scored objects carefully, and will pay extra attention at their own discretion.”

This made me wonder about how <SG9> may be applied in this situation. It states that:

“Robots are not permitted to alter the score of any Scoring Object that is Scored by clause 1 of the definition of Scored. Once an object is successfully scored under clause 1, a Scoring Object’s value cannot be altered”

This means that during a match, if a red barrel were fully within a 30 inch goal and then the blue team hit into the barrel and shifted it so that it was now partially out of the 30 inch goal, the blue team has now altered the score of this barrel and should be disqualified. Is the rule going to be followed this closely, or will it be assumed that if the objects are scored in a normal, single object column in a goal that all the objects are scored? I understand you probably can’t make a blanket ruling on this, but I was just wondering. Thanks!

You’re right about the blanket ruling. :slight_smile:

If a team intentionally rams a Goal to move clause 1 Scored Objects to a non Scored position, they would be disqualified. Scenarios which don’t fall under that description would be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Alright. Thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!