Answered: Definition of Scored Low Goal

Hey, I was reading through the forums and I came across a thread that said**:**
*“If balls were piled in the Low Goal; some of the balls on top of others would not count as Low Scores because the did not touch the Low Goal(mat).” *(

The question was for high goal scoring, but nothing was mentioned about the Low Goal scoring, so I looked around the forums and reread the rules to see if I could find anything to give me an answer.

In the rule book, it says that the low goal is defined as “– One of the two (2) trapezoidal areas of foam field tiles defined by the front of the High
Goal and the tape line under the pipe, where teams can Score Balls and Bonus Balls.”
(page. 7 of the rules). On the next page, it said that and object is scored if “A Scoring Object is touching a Low Goal” (pg. 8).

To sum it up, I am wondering if the balls piled up in the low goal, are only the ones touching the tiles counted as scored, or are all of them (including the ones not touching)?

P.S. - If there is a new rule, or another thread that already answers this question, a link to the answer would be much appreciated and I am sorry for wasting your time.

Thank you!:slight_smile:

The rule you quoted is pretty clear, and your interpretation is correct, Scoring Objects must be touching the Low Goal to count as being Scored in the Low Goal.

Okay, Thank you very much!

You’re welcome!