Answered: Definition of "upright" and "tilted"

Hi, I was looking for a definition clarification of “upright” and “tilted” as used in note 3 of the definition of "stacked’

What exactly could you say counts as upright? I am asking because I am planning to build an internal stacker robot and the idea I had to move the stack off the robot requires a ramp. If I were to tilt my stacked mobile goal onto the ramp, would it make the previously “stacked” cones “unstacked”; ie count towards my possession limit and therefor make this design illegal?

Edit: I am not looking for a clarification for just this instance, I am asking for a general rule to be applied to determine whether or not a cone is considered “stacked” or “tilted” i.e. , does having my ramp at different inclines affect how much the cones are stacked?

Thanks, Team 285

“Knocked over” can be interpreted as a stack that has tipped near or past a horizontal plane and whose Cones are no longer supported only by a Scored Goal (per the definition of Scored) and other Stacked Cones.

Provided that no other rules are violated in the process, the design you have described would be legal regardless of the ramp’s incline. Momentary and minor violations of an “upright” stack, such as this scenario, would still be considered a legal stack.