Answered: Definitions of "Supported" and "Scored" Clarifications

Hi Karthik,
At a recent competition I was at, the head referee ruled stars that had less than 3 points in contact with the ground as supported. In doing this, a case where a star has 2 points in the near zone, and one point suspended in the air by a robot, thereby hovering over the far zone, was ruled as being in the far zone. This was because if the supporting object was moved by the referee, it would have fallen in the near zone, as per his interpretations of the definitions of “Scored” and “Supporting”, quoted from the manual:

However, my interpretation of these two definitions in this case would be that the star would be ruled in the near zone. This is because the second clause of “Scored” clearly states that “The Scoring Object is not touching any Zone”, and therefore the star would be ruled in the near zone, regardless of the robot in the far zone supporting the one prong of the star.

The head referee had said that his interpretation of the rule was found in a Q&A from January, but I was unable to find that Q&A, even using Vex DB’s great search tool. A final clarification on this would be great, especially because we have our High School Regionals on Saturday.


This is incorrect.

This is correct.