Answered: Deflation of Large Ball

Although inspectors always do a phenomenal job at identifying sharp edges, we can foresee that after dozens of matches, accumulated game play might cause a Large Ball to deflate. In this case:

  • Would the Large Ball be replaced as soon as possible? Or would the referees wait until the end of the match?
  • If the deflated Large Ball remains in play, will it still score normally?
  • If the Large Ball should be replaced, but immediate replacement is difficult or impossible (e.g. deflated Large Ball is inside a robot attempting to Hang), will replacement be delayed, or will a substitute game piece be introduced?

Thank you for your help.

Although we hopefully won’t see many Large Balls being popped, if it does happen, the match will continue normally, and the Large Ball will still be scored as normal.

Any teams who are intentionally popping Large Balls as a strategy will be disqualified under <S1>, which is quoted below.

Thank you Karthik!

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You’re welcome!

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