Answered: Delta II | Scoring Objects Held By a Robot.

After looking at our first Texas Rookies tournament, I noticed something that I have questioned that I just need to be clarified. I may be wrong, but I have been looking through the whole forum and found nothing on this clarification. Basically, if a robot is touching the far zone, while the claw contains a scoring object which the object is hovering above the near zone and not touching it, would the object be considered in the near zone or far zone? I was thinking that whatever zone the object is hovering over is where it would be counted as, but the judges in the Rookie competition say that it’s supposed to be the location the robot is touching.

Let’s take a look at the definition of Scored. I’ve bolded some text for emphasis.

The referees at your event were correcnt. If a Robot is holding (i.e. Supporting) a Scoring Object, the Scoring Object counts in the Zone the Robot is touching; not the Zone that the Scoring Object is hovering over.