Answered: Descore-able Cubes

Hi Karthik, before I ask my question I would like to say that I have done my best to review the rules and other related posts but have not come upon this particular question. This involves the descoring of cubes. We have a method of descoring the top cube by pushing up on the bottom cube which in turn slides the top off and the next becomes halfway on the goal as shown in the picture. We were wondering if this is actually legal. It does not violate the rules for descoring because only the top cube is removed, however if the cube under it were to get lodged on the top in the process it then becomes into a “descore-able” position based on the definition. So how would this all play out in a match? EDIT: Link to video Vex Skyrise Descore (illegal?) - YouTube

This is legal strategy to remove a Cube that is already in legal position to be removed from a Post as per <SG6>. However, you may not move a Cube from an illegal to remove position, into a legal to remove position, and then legally remove it from the Post. Thus it would be illegal to remove the blue Cube.

Thanks so much Karthik!

You’re welcome!