Answered: Descoring & breaking planes

According to this rule, <SG9>: Robots are not permitted to remove (descore) any Scoring Objects which are considered Scored
by clause 1 of the definition of Scored.
, teams aren’t allowed to descore any game objects considered scored by clause 1. I can foresee, though, a lot of ambiguity and future problems with this rule, especially when it comes to the floor goals. A lot of teams who don’t have the capability to move sideways will find themselves in a sticky situation when they get rammed into a corner. Basically, is there a ref’s-discretion criteria involved in situations where robots descore corners goals? Or does it always result in disqualification?

Also about breaking planes, SG10> Robots are not permitted to break the plane of their opponents Alliance Starting Tile during the
Autonomous Period.
I’m assuming that this applies to the interaction zone too? Also, does this rule have anything to do with reaching over into your opponent’s isolation zone, or just the opponent’s colored tile?

Please take a closer look at the definition of Scored from the VEX Gateway Game Manual, quoted below for your convenience.

Please notice how Clause 1 only deals with Circular Goals and not the Floor Goals.

This rule specifically deals with Alliance Starting Tiles.