Answered: Determination of robot supporting game element

I have looked through the threads and reviewed the rules and believe I have a proper understanding, but in the interest of attempting to be completely accurate, especially because I was specifically questioned about this at a tournament last weekend, I thought I would ask. Is it correct that the only time a referee would move a robot to determine if it is supporting a game element is to determine if a game element is “stashed” or not? If a robot “sandwiches” an opposing alliance’s big ball between the robot and the field wall to lift the big ball off the floor in order to de-score the ball, and the ball remains off the floor when time & power is dropped, that element would remain in it’s place and not count because it is not touching the grey foam tile. The referee would not move the robot back, allowing the ball to drop, thereby scoring the big ball. Is that a correct interpretation of the rules for the given circumstances?

Yes, this is correct. The definition of Scored does not involve the concept of Support.

Yes, this is correct.