Answered: Did Red negate their own Game Pieces?


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The referees faced the most controversy on this call. At the end of game play the red robot was holding the Negation Barrel over the 30 goal in their interaction zone. The refs ruled that the negation barrel was scored according to rule 2
[INDENT]Scored – A Scoring Object is Scored in a Goal if it is not touching a Robot of the same color of the
Scoring Object and it meets one of the following criteria…
[INDENT]2. A Scoring Object is not fully below the top of the PVC pipes of a Circular Goal and partially within the outer ring of the Circular Goal and is not within the outer ring of any other Circular Goal. (See figure 5)[/INDENT][/INDENT]

And that <SG3> applied canceling all the red game pieces, and the blue barrel would be scored as 1pt.

Final score of goal as red - 0 pt, blue - 1 pt. Where the refs correct?

Thank you

Yes, the referees were correct. Red is touching Negation Barrel in a Scored position. As per <SG3>, quoted below, only the red Scoring Objects are negated.

Thanks Karthik

You’re welcome.