Answered: Different Drivers for Driver Skills and Teamwork Challenge

Hello All,

My group is new to VEX IQ Competitions this year and after reviewing the rules and preparing we would like some help clarifying something about who can drive the robots during the challenges.

My understanding is that for the Driver Skills Challenge, there can only be two drivers that switch off during the 1-minute match. However, when participating in the Teamwork Challenge, do the same drivers need to be in control? I ask because our team consists of three students. For example: is it legal for a team of students A, B, and C to have A and B drive for the Driver skills challenge, and A and C drive for the Teamwork challenge?

I believe the relevant rule would be

<G5> - "Each team shall include two Drivers. Teams with only one Student in attendance at an event are granted an allowance to use a qualified Driver from the event. No Driver may fulfill this role for more than one team at any given event. "

Thanks for any info you can give about this!

Yes, this is legal.