Answered: Differential Frame

i dont have the new gear kit but how is the frame supposed to work
i understand that when two have an idler gear in between they turn turn the same way but if the gears r each turned to the side i imagine they would turn different ways so how can they be on the same rod and what is the use
if im thinking of the wrong way of working it plz tell me

I am still working on the differential instructions.
Here is a short version:

If you have a wheel off each side of the differential, and you drive the differential frame itself (notice how there is a gear built into the differential frame?), then the differential will act like a solid axle, and drive both wheels forward.

Now… if your robot is turning like a car (not like a tank!) in an arc, the wheel on the outside of the turn needs to travel farther (and move faster) than the wheel on the inside of the turn.

The differential allows these wheels to move at different speeds, as they move through the turn, while still being driven by a single input.

Basically, the differential allows you to do “car style” steering without “slipping” your rear wheels along the ground. Both wheels will remain contact with the ground at all times because the differential allows them to spin at different rates.

Hope this helps!


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big help ty
now i know i want to try to get money to buy this
sounds like a neat feature

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