Answered: Disable robot for autonomous?

At the most recent competition, we had autonomous code that might have interfered with our alliance partner, but we did not have enough time to delete it. We asked the head ref if there was any way we could not run it, and he said that we could either just keep the robot or joystick off at the beginning of the match and turn it on at the end of the autonomous period (or near the end, since it takes a few seconds to connect), so the robot did not move at all during the auton period or alternatively have the joystick on at the beginning, turn it off for auton, then turn it on for opcontrol. I just want to make sure that this is legal.

Teams may not do any of the following:

  1. Interact with their controls during the Autonomous Period
  2. Interact with their robot during the Autonomous Period

However, it is legal to turn on a Robot during Driver Controlled Period, provided that the Robot has never moved during the Match.