Answered: discontinued rack/pinion

WHy was the rack/pinion gear discontinued? I found this to be a major dissapointment, because the use of these can make for some super-sensitive steering… Ever driven a go-cart? Super sensitive…

I can’t beleive that this, of all Vex parts, has been discontinued. Such a shame…:frowning:

The Rack & Pinion is not discontinued. It is still available as part of the VEX Advanced Gear Kit.

We are no longer selling this component by itself, it is only available as part of the Advanced Gear Kit.

After testing bulk packs of the individual gears, we’ve concluded that it is extremely inefficient to offer our products this way. Based on the small number of customers who chose the bulk packs, we simply can’t justify the cost of injection molding these individual parts and stocking the inventory.

While we strive to meet every customer’s needs, we must occasionally make business decisions that benefit the brand as a whole. This process is critical to maintaining the health and viability of the VEX platform for years to come. Thanks for comments and understanding our position.